The Jonas Brothers Must Die

The Jonas Brothers, in case you haven’t already heard because you’ve been living under a rock, are three Disney-endorsed cretins: a boy band consisting of related-though-unrelated-looking kids that sell themselves as “rock musicians” when in actuality they play terrible pop music. They are supposedly 20, 18 and 16 or some such age, but they all look like fourteen, fifteen year olds and dress in trendy, emo/indie/popculture clothing that makes them look even younger and more immature.

Along with their evil counterpart High School Musical, Jonas Brothers are attempting to take over the world in a flurry of pop culture, fueled by the Disney Channel Machine that pumps out child star after child star (examples being Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, AKA Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus; not that their real names matter). They have already starred in their own (godawful) movie, Camp Rock, in which they are not actually the main characters. The story revolves around a girl whose mother works maintenance for a “music camp” called Camp Rock, where kids learn to “make music”. Because of her mother’s job, she gets to attend at the camp. Then the rest of the girls at camp dicover that she’s, quote “not rich,” and they reject her.

This is of no better quality than the aforementioned High School Musical. Possibly worse, if you can even fathom something that bad.

The Jonas Brothers must be destroyed. In fact, all of Disney Channel is a plague, sent by the very depths of Hell to commercially flood our televisions and homes and brainwash children into buying crappy music and cheap merchandise that has no value and can give no emotional or physical satisfaction. We must save the children. This is a war against the very nature of Evil.

Disney Channel has struck us for the very last time. We must strike back, and with force. Whether you be Anon or no, we need you in the ranks. The Jonas Brothers must die.


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  1. It’s a real shame that you are so threatened by some good clean fun for our tweens. I have three children ages 7-11 who really enjoy the Jonas Brothers (not to mention Miley Cyrus, High School Musical and many other Disney stars) I could send my daughter to their concert with friends (and a chaperone, of course) and know that she’s not hearing or seeing things that an 11 year old shouldn’t see or hear. I certainly respect Disney much more than some of the Nickelodeon stars. I don’t let my children watch the Naked Brothers Band. And as far as being commercial-welcome to America-commerce is alive and well in our country. Just because they sell it doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

    • @mheary: Spoony is completely right. Disney used to be awesome. But now Nickelodeon IS Disney. I’ve noticed that a couple of new Disney sponsered shows are on the air on Nickelodeon. Anyway, Disney is using the Jonas Brothers to sell sex to little girls. Just like how commercials use sex appeal on beer and burger ads. The Jonas “Brothers” are just pretty faces that brainwash little girls into buying their merchandise and wearing Purity rings. If they want something, they’ll whine to their parents and as most parents these days don’t have the spine to say no or discipline their kids, they’ll get what they want. They’re pushing their Christian beliefs on children that they should stay “pure” as well. There are statistics that communities and schools that push abstinence have the higher teen pregnancy rate. Disney is taking over the entertainment industry with a blitz of High School Musicals and Jonas Brothers franchize. Disney has to be put in line and stop corrupting youth.

      • Tell it like it is man, you just said all the shit about Disney that I have known for about 5 years, but nobody else seems to care, but you missed one thing. All these shows these days are dumbass stupid pussy shows about saving the environment and helping the planet turn green. What the fuck ever happened to good old fashoned cartoons were people could smoke cigars and drink alchohol without parents around the country freaking out about what there children are watching. Thats what really pissed me off about Disney, is they are more obsessed with forcing kids to be perfect little angels who are pure, and buy all their shit.

    • ma’m you are being smothering, do you expect your kids to grow up in a perfect bubble of your own making? the naked brothers band is offensive to you? i find your ease of offense offensive

    • i know you wont see this but for other parents who object to this site and buy into the idea that if my kids are sheltered the world will leave them alone. your ignorence is not uncommen. i feel sorry for your young kids when the wake the **** UP call comes. the world is not nice. america is not clean and safe. you want to know how to be a good parent? control where they learn it from not if they know it. these jonas brothers tell little girls that love dont hurt and life is sunshine blown right up your ass. if you think im offensive then move to a country where its illeagle to talk how you want and you will see real life. thank you for reading this if you have a problem please email me @ so i can tell you how insecure you are about your kid matureing.

    • pop h8ter Says:


      THEY SUCK!

      • nick was awsome, back in the days of Ren and Stimpy and Invader Zim, but know it is just a bunch of Eco-friendly bullshit.

    • A person who loves the CLASSIC ANIMATED DISNEY Says:

      Your kids have a terrible taste in music. When I was that age I was listening to Black Sabbath and Guns N’ Roses, but i was raised on Rock N’ Roll. Each to their own, I guess.

    • i hope you die, that family friendly bullshit is just another word for censorship. DEATH TO ALL BUT HEAVY METAL.

      • Woa, there, son;
        I’m inclined to agree with you, but as much as Jonas Brothers produce bad music, there are many other musical genres out there that produce excellent music, too. There’s a reason Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica and even Metallica have used symphonic orchestras in their music. There’s a wealth of other musical genres our there of true professionals catering only to their love of music and not to the wishy-washy tastes of an inexperienced, commercially affected young generation.

  2. lordspoony Says:

    @mheary: You’re missing the quintessential root of the problem here. There’s a difference between “Good Clean Fun” and absolutely atrocious quality work.

    He’s a bit of backstory for you. I grew up a Disney kid. I watched Disney Channel, Disney movies, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network. I was never allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy or South Park. I had a relatively free and innocent childhood free of unnecessary violence and with good quality programming. I still consider Aladdin one of the best movies *ever.*

    But look at the state of Disney–particularly Disney Channel–now. High School Musical is perhaps some of the most badly-written, plot-empty, brainless entertainment *garbage* ever concieved. It’s just a marketing ploy that hit the right formula and is now milking its intellectual property for all it’s worth. I remember when television and movies for children actually used to be clever. Remember Aladdin? It was gorgeous. Wonderfully written. Funny, intelligent, beautifully animated, epic and memorable. And you wonder why it was so successful?

    Pixar still continues to release quality material, but as much as Disney would like to pretend they own them, Pixar is Pixar, and Disney is Disney. And Disney is simply out of good ideas. They need to rely on the most crass form of mass-media hype imaginable. I have never seen a bad movie as hyped up as High School Musical since Transformers. And as we’re talking about the Jonas Brothers, bad music. Horrible music. Absolutely stunningly bad music that has no substance or method to it. It’s procedurally generated garbage in series, and as long as Disney can keep the hype up, they can keep the profits up, because people will buy the trash if they believe they like it.

    And trust me, your kids do not like it. They won’t know what they like until they’re older. And my main concern is if we keep allowing out kids to be duped into believing they like crappy music, when they grow older it’ll be just as easy to get them to be duped into buying expensive television sets, cars and furniture that they don’t really want nor need.


      • lordspoony Says:

        My folks were relatively conservative. And yet I’ve grown up to be a fairly world-conscious individual who can appreciate shows like South Park and Family Guy and movies like Team America as clever satire that is very pertinent in our modern culture.

    • dude, you couldn’t watch Ren and Stimpy eether, there is absolutly nothing wrong with that show. It was on nickolodean

  3. This is to all you yuppies. You all think their music is good because your head is to far up your ass to hear how bad it is, and your skull must be crushing your head because you no longer have passion for real music. There is no such thing as “good clean fun” the Disney corporation used to be good, but they have officially set out to kill rock and everything it represents. They do this because they know that the ignorant corporation enslaved teenagers are too ignorant to have original thought and realize this music sucks floppy, donkey dick.
    And whenever these “brothers” try to actually play music, they only play shitty pop musica nd actually good songs written by bands like led zeppelin. This is because they are the same ignorant teenagers that they market to and cant think up a simple rythm or melody on their own. It makes me sad that my generation, music wise all we have to show is fucking fallout boy and all of this thoughtless consumer-based ignorant music. Whatever happened to bands that actually beleived in something, and had values and tallent like say, the Beetles? And if you buy one of the Jonas Brothers albums (compolations of shit) how dare you and fuck you for contributing for the corporate machine thats killing America.

    • Destoyer59 Says:

      I totaly agree with you!! Jonas brothers SUCK!!!! they dont know good music!! at one of there concerts they [edit: you have absolutely no citation for this]!!
      i wittnessed it [does not count as citation]. they Totaly suck [edit: really, there’s no need for what went here]!!! 🙂 😀

  4. lordspoony Says:

    @Tom: While I understand your rage completely, please refrain from swearing. You shouldn’t need to swear to convey the right message.

    But yes, pop music has resulted in nothing more than the mathematical analysis and reproduction of elements that sell music, with no regard to their actual artistic merit. Pop songs have become like little kitsch trinkets–people buy them because they like them and they look nice, but then they put them in their house and you walk by them and think, ‘That’s so tacky and bad. It doesn’t even make any sense. This isn’t art.’

    Even the bad music of punk rock was more intelligent than pop music, since it was ABOUT being bad, ABOUT rebelling against the machine and producing music that NOBODY liked, just to show they could.

  5. Who ever wrote this you are a sick person!!!!!!!!!!! You need two get some serious helP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just wrote this because you are jealous and stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! So take my advice and get some professional help!!!!!!!

    • Hey dumbass, it called freedom of speach. He can express his hatred for anyone or anything. The fact that you freak out and say he needs help is just proof of what he is saying. You are a member of a brainwashed mass of merchindise bying bullshitters. and btw, if i ever got the chance I would slaughter the jonas brothers. I would slice nicks head of with a dull spoon. I would drop joe in a pit of emo razers that he has become so used too, and i would feed kevin into a woodchipper!!!!!

  6. lordspoony Says:

    @jessee (with too many ‘e’s):
    Omigod. You’re so cute in your flagrant ignorance.

    Though I know you’re never going to read this, I get some strange pleasure from addressing your incomprehension, so I will.

    The Jonas Brothers are nothing more than COMPANY-OWNED HACKS. Why on EARTH would I want to be a company-owned hack? How is that anywhere near being a professional musician? How, in fact, is that in any way an appreciable expression or music as art; as something pure, wonderful?
    The Jonas Brothers don’t play music because it’s beautiful. They play music because it makes them money. It makes Disney Channel money, and it makes their record label money. It’s a money thing. So it’s corrupt, greedy and unappreciable.

    You know what I do? I write music nobody ever listens to. You think I’m jealous? Hell, no. I’m having the time of my life. Because when someone comes to me and says my music was special to them, I know it’s true, and it makes me over-the-top happy. Because I know they’re listening to it because *they like it*, not because *everyone else is listening to it.*

    Plus, music’s a hobby to me. So I could care less whether I’m successful or not. I do it for the love. Unlike the Jonas Bothers.
    😉 I didn’t misspell that.

    Grow up a little or have fun being an idiot, kid. Your choice.

  7. Oh, you are SO right. The Jonas Brothers churn out hit after hit of commercially–induced “music.” So while the Jonas Brothers fangirls go wild and buy JB albums, T-shirts and other stuff like that, we sophisticated people will be free from all this brain–melting, mind–warping idiotic Disney Channel child stars. And by the way, I bet the high–school musical producers are probably thinking: “OK, we have a hit here. The kids LOVE it. Let’s push it in everyone’s faces until even the biggest fans are sick of it!” Because that’s what they’re doing.

    I’m bookmarking this page to show my friends. Great job. =)

  8. The real problem with Disney is that they don’t know when to stop. Okay, you made a movie, every brainless kid between 6-11 liked it. Whatever. It’s the fact that they pump out an endless amount of piss-poor musical groups. If they just stopped, and maybe looked for some actual artist that will last more than three years, I would have no quarrel with them.

    The issue that I really have with disney, is that they refuse to take risks. Hell, support a group that isn’t necessarily total wrapped up in happy-happy joy-joy lyrics. Try for something a little bit more bleeding edge, rather than then trying to stretch out a fad that should have died after a few months as nature intended it to.

  9. The Jonas lames are a disgrace to all teens. Who in the world actually thinks these 3 little spoiled brats can even sing or even try to buy talent by taking singing lessons. They can spend a million dollars on singing lessons, they plain and simple. JUST SUCK.

    Mommies just send a chaperons with their spoiled little brats to their concerts while they go cheat on their husbands and wife’s. LOL

  10. Okay, I don’t particularly like the Jonas Brothers, but this is just mean! I think that you should get a life.

    • You’re a squirrel, you have no music taste. Why are you even here? Go to your tree, you’re a squirrel.

      And for the Jonas Brothers, their music is bad because they don’t put any love on it. Just their greed.

  11. This man has seen the light! And most of you either can’t take a joke or don’t understand the complete crap that Disney Channel enjoys bestowing upon the world. This is my new homepage, seriously.

  12. Every word you have said could not be more accurate. I have yearned for the abolishment of the JB. They are a disgrace to America (along with all disney teens like HSM and other shows) and they exemplify what it means to brain-wash little tweens to steal their parents hard earned money. Im exhilirated to see that I am not the only person in this sad sad world who sees what they really are: talentless thieves.

  13. Dark Lord Says:

    Watch Chelsea Handler’s interview with the Jonas Brothers and her response to Jonas Brothers’ fans on youtube. Just search for her show “Chelsea Lately” on youtube.

    You’ll love it.

  14. There should be a holiday in which the jonas brothers and disney (uncapitalized due to lack of respect) employees should be put in shackles and then pelted by rotten fruit, then later burned so that we can all dance on the ashes and achieve world peace. This holiday would be celebrated for years to come and has been mistakenly named in the bible “the second coming”

  15. DeathTheKid193 Says:

    OMG! I was just talking to my friend today about how the Jonas Brothers should die. Then I found this site. I agree completely. The Jonas Brothers have no musical talent whatsoever. I’ve also heard the media compared the Jonas Brothers to The Beatles. That is the biggest load of s*** i’ve ever heard. I was raised on good music like The Beatles, The Clash, etc. No way 3 talentless cockroaches could ever acomplish what The Betales did. The Beatles changed the world. The Jonas Brothers can’t even change their own diaper.

  16. I must agree with the content on this site. The jonas brothers must be destroyed. They are this decades Hanson or the moffats. There just a flash in the pan for tweens. Disney is just a mass corperation that cashes in on tweens parents money. The parents see the hole disney logo and think its safe. But do i need to remind you that vanesse from High school musical took nude photos of her self and sent them to another disney actor need i remind you that she was 15 at the time. Do you want your kids to looking up to that? or do you want to support such acts as that? This is what disney does. This is what your supporting. You may think that the jonas brothers, hannah montanna, and high school musical is safe but your wrong. There not that innocent, they are people to and we all know what happens to child stars. They either continue to be succesful or take up a life of Drugs and boozes. Another point id like to being up about disney child stars like the jonas brothers and miley cyrus is what kind of parent exploits there child like this. Why must parents live there life though there kids. Just because you mr. cyrus failed horribly with you quote music career does not mean you should live it though your daughter. Heres another point what is so great about the jonas brothers. They have no musical talent. I understand that tweens dont know who the beatles or pink floyd or jimi hendrix are but to hype a bunch of kids who can not play there bloody instruments. I think that parents should introduce there kids to the great music that they listened to at a young age. Not saying that a father should show his kid who judas priest is when there 2 but as they get olderand more interested into music they should show them great bands like above. I just want to say that the jonas brothers are a joke, there like every other flash in the pan band that is geared to get your money. They are unoriginal. Thank you disney for sucking money out of hard working peoples pocket by producing these goods. Also thank you disney for using over sea labour. And remember people the next time you buy a jonas brothers or hannah montanna or high school musical product, think about that child over seas that made that product for you under horrible work condition. I hope you have a great day and remember the jonas brothers MUST be destroyed.


    • themanintheback Says:

      PLease someone kill them off so the world can flourish once again. I once saw a girl at my school carrying a JB binder. I almost threw up. Has anyone been to walmart recently? It’s either some movie crap or the BJin JBs. I am sick and tired of this crap. If I ever found there address I would strangle them with barbed wire as they slept.

  18. I agree completely, whatever happened to the Disney that actually thought about the family? They made the best movie adaptions from novels and fairy-taled I had EVER seen. (Bambi, Fox and the Hound, Alladin, etc). I want Walt Back… *sob*

  19. AntiDisney Says:

    Disney channel is ****. It is the worste crap on television. They should just show the stars true colors by showing them nude. You guys seen the crap on google images of miley cyrus’ [I’m sorry, I can’t post this] and vanessa hudgens [I REALLY can’t post this]. Man I just hate them. Nikelodean is a much better channel than that disney ****. I have always said if walt disney was still alive I would [Let’s just say this is not a pleasant image]. I f****** hate disney and everything related. We should just destroy it take all their money and donate it to some charity. Disney is a plague that is all over the Earth. The commericals it has are just some of the dumbest **** I have ever seen. I would **** miley cyrus and selena gomez so they should just make disney into some porno station.

    Now to that ***** up above who has 3 small children you go surfing the web to find something bad on disney? You **** retard I hope [you get the idea of what this guy is saying].

    To the other moron who says don’t swear I will say w.e the **** I want [racial slur]!!!

    • Kimberly Says:

      I like both Nick and Disney, but not to step on anybodies’ toes, people have made more slightly perverted shows for Nick (Spongebob, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy). But, I don’t like Disney’s The Black Cauldron much either. But, I have like shows from both companies, I don’t think Disney is evil.

      • Spongebob is awesome, Rocco’s Modern Life is bizarre, but still awesome, and Ren and Stimpy is based on society.

  20. stupid jonas brothers y do people think they actually have talent? The only thing they can do rite is wiping their smelly asses!!! They should go die in a hole! Along with all the disney channel ”stars” what a bunch of bullsh*t!!!!!

  21. that random guy who is 6 Says:

    I’m SO GLAD someone made this!!! They have no talent, they can’t sing and they are destroying music as a whole! Even from here in the UK

  22. Did you guys know that there was a fourth member but they dropped him from the band just because he didn’t have that asian look to him, and he didn’t share the last name of Jonas. Think I’m lying? Try and do some research before you come against what I say.

    Lets rally up a group of people with weaponry, or really strong voices and put an end to this. Bonus points for anyone who can kill Miley Cyrus while they’re at it.

  23. Concerned(ish) Says:

    Agreed, but how would all of us awesome haters (ha) follow out on such a plan? and the way you wrote the whole thing sounds like a speech given before a battle… Nice work.

  24. Nice one yogman. And i could not more agree. I am in high school, in the 10th grade, and there are still the girls with the jonas brothers folders and backpacks, and the ones who go to the concerts. Now, maybe they have a bit more of a right to like the jbs than other people because they are actually around the same age, but jb “music” is geared towards tween girls who don’t know what they’re listening to.

  25. lordspoony Says:

    I think the only real war that can be fought in this scenario is the constant upheaval against Disney, The Jonas Brothers, High School Musical and any other display of lack of quality that is picked up by mainstream media. We all know lack of quality if we stop and think about it, so it’s not hard to identify when something is famous for reasons other than actual quality or skill. Paris Hilton is a great example. Why is she famous? No-one really knows.

    Spreading sites like this one to attract people’s attention, whether it be positive or negative, is our only course of action. People may disagree, but at least they’ll have to listen to do so.

  26. disney-torcher Says:

    im in high school 9th grade and i look at all the girls around me obsessed with the jonas bros and im wondering first how they can love them and their “music”, but i wonder even more how they can not like, nor even have HEARD of, true music. hell, i can ask most of the boys for that matter that i pass in the hall, “what’s your favorite ‘the who’ song?”, and 8/10 times ill get one of three answers

    #1: i dont like them
    #2: i never listen to them
    #3: who’s the who? (!!!!!!!)

    i have managed to place myself in groups of people who share the same views as me, but even as i look back on TV (which i actually have ceased viewing) and movies being put out. i see a continuous degrading of it all and it makes me sick and sad.

    ill keeping bashing my generation (not the song, its amazing) until the world that my band stands for (classic rock/the 60s-70s) is brought back around and truly embraced.

    my time will bring little forth to this world if this is the world we are to be forced into

    • I’m also in grade 9 and I have the same view exactly.

      • me too most kids in my grade dont know who led zepplin is and im like so you dont know who 1 of the best guitarist ever is???

    • Good Ol' Noodle Brain Says:

      I’m year 9 and I simply loathe my generation for listening to so-called ‘music’ like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and the diabolical genre known as (c) rap.

      I bet Walt Disney is spinning in his grave and projectile vomiting at how sad, pathetic Disney has become.

      BTW I like The Who as well. My favourite song of theirs is ‘I Can See For Miles’.

  27. Anti-Jo-Bros Says:

    Seriously people, the Jonas brothers are just a fad that teenage girls are eating up. The stuff they call music is junk. They have a habbit of being a knock-off band by copying other bands “music” and twisting the words a tad. The Jonas Brothers have no real talent, just looks… and even then, it’s nothing to write home about. In 10 years, nobody will remember their horrible “music”, they’ll be washed out by another “hip” boy-band. Eventually, all the current fans will grow up and realize how bad their taste in music was! Down with the Jo-Bros!!!!!

  28. Anthony W. Says:

    @lordspoony thank you for making my day.
    @disney-torcher I totally agree. I’m also in the 9th grade and I also have to put up with the constant inane babble of the what’s what about the big disney channel stars, which can, usually, make me want to puke. it seems like our generation is in this pitfall of generic, company-produced garbage that’s been painted up to seem like good, wholesome kid fun. now don’t get me wrong, i love when kids are raised with good virtuous and valuable lessons and can have fun without having violence and sex and other corrupting influences that i grew up with. the cartoons these days like south park, family guy and shows like that (which hypocritically i do love) can have an affect on impressional children and disney knows this and what do they do? they spit out generic rubbish that they pass for kid friendly music” and then they make the parents suffer by having them endorse the latest clothes and gadget and they have the toy-sets and CD’s and (the real kicker here) the stupid 3D concerts! i actually had to suffer threw one of these before (the hanna montana one) and by the time it was over i might as well been comatose. it’s ignorance that parents will pay tons of money to buy this crap for their children because it’s the “in” thing or the kids supposedly “like it” or the parents think that Disney, the company that made the great classics when they were children, know what’s best for them. you know out of like 35 people my friend and i surveyed in our school, 3 of them know who Depesch Mode was (sorry for the spelling), 7 knew who Nirvana was, and wait for it…… 1 of them knew who buddy holly was. now granted they are 9th graders and the majority believe that rap is real music (which makes me want to crawl into a hole until the zombie apocalypse arrives), but i mean come on! yet everyone one of them know who the jonas bros. were and 24 of them said they were fans of them. One of my best friends who is a fan of them (again, zombie apocalypse) went to one of their shows at a local club in Boston and everyone that was there was crying their eyes out over them. one girl, a gargantuan according to my friend knocked her down and trampled her to get one of their sweaty towels that they threw into the crowd. really, i gotta say i cant wait for what’s in store fro the next generation of talentless pied pipers of industries like this because “how in the world will the jonas brothers be topped???” oh! i know! when the record companies and Disney say “ya know what? your starting to get old and your not making dump trucks full of cash anymore so ya know what? BUH-BYE! and their careers get flush down the toilet and out pops a new batch of meal tickets with no talent, a slave-driver for a main sponser (Disney) and enough hype to get even the most educated and wise of people buying their crap fro their kids just to shut them up. there is really nothing we can do cause like a hydra it seems as if they lose one fan, two are made in its place so i guess we just have to ride this one out or until a scandalous tape or photos are release to get them all fired but hey, what’s wrong with wishful thinking?

  29. In all honesty, the Jonas brothers are not really individuals. They are OWNED by a company that enjoys bestowing tacky music on the child-teen population. Why so? Because the disney cooperation needs money. So why do they need money? Because they’ve been going steadily downhill since about 2004. Why is THAT? because they have lost what they had, being INTELLIGENT MEANS OF ENTERTAINMENT. The Jonas Brothers are by NO means musicians: They don’t write their own music, their opinions and words and attitudes are moulded by what the cooperation WANTS THEM TO BE, they are shallow as they are childish, and their lyrics are primarily unintelligent and stupid. When they are compared to the Beatles this makes me NAUSEATED. The beatles were musical LEGENDS during their time, their lyrics had intelligence and thought and rhythm behind them, and this is why people loved them. Talentless, callow teens do not understand this because they are literally and mentally SURROUNDED by this garbage produced by the disney cooperation.

    By no means are the JB musicians, and by no means are they actors. They are people, yes, however the disney cooperation is behind most of their moves, they get money for it therefore it must not matter? WRONG. having an actual OPINION and an actual INTELLIGENT MIND are far more important than money, which frankly these teenagers do not deserve. Children that watch this will be brainwashed, and therefore music, REAL music will be sent down the tubes, more so than it has already. And what will follow will be television shows, novels and writing, etc. Teens should also realize the difference between the REAL musicians and the FABRICATED ones, and parents should not allow their children to view these shallow disney shows, those who do are probably in all essence shallow people themselves. Disney does not teach good morals; take for example Miley Cyrus, who cannot act to save her soul, and cannot discipline herself as a person. Dating a 21 year old? Posing nearly nude? Having a sexy photo shoot with her FATHER of all souls to do so beside? And not owning up to it and not believing it is wrong? Child and Teen Consciences shall be messed up in the process of the cooperation dumping all of this garbage on our youth.

    Since when does hairstyle matter? Since when does money, stature, figure, beauty, why does this matter? The ADULTS in disney should know this, as disney is primarily a children’s television channel and therefore they should be setting a POSITIVE example on today’s youth. Jonas brothers and high school musical and hannah montana and such are absolute disgraceful to what children and teenagers SHOULD be learning and applying to their lives. What DOES matter is individual opinions, intelligence, and overall a non- shallow attitude. YES there will be shallow and stupid individuals, however this DOES NOT mean that the general population of American youth should suffer for it.

  30. I think you are completely right i mean disneychannel not only causes kids to be obsessed with their shows but they also make the kids buy the crappy overpriced merchandise that isn’t worth anything. i mean my cousin has a bunch of Hannah Montana dolls and you don’t even want to know her age.

    P.S. The movie Camp Rock is worse than High School Musical because the Jonas Brothers cannot act

    • Kimberly Says:

      I thought Camp Rock was better because it has a good message.

    • Don’t say that. I love them. And I really disagree with the fact that yuo said Camp Rock is worse than HSM. The best part, you typed that on my birthday.

      • lordspoony Says:

        You can’t disagree with the fact that she said Camp Rock is worse than High School Musical. That’s like me disagreeing with the fact that gravity pulls me down. Learn some grammar.


    • Destoryer59 Says:

      HA ha EDWARD CULLEN SUCks!!!!!!! but i dont agree cody R some music from the jonas brothers arent that bad!!! me and my friend made thismessage an we both agree edward cullen and the jonasbrothers suck!! 😀

  32. the Jonas Brother when they sing sound like the are on helium. I mean like they are not the best band out there, but all those girls think they are the most amazing people on the face of the planet. Also true they will be forgotten like any other boy band that came along……..

  33. what have they ever done to u all there trying to do is make ppl happy and it has worked fine till ppl like u have came along and messed it up i dnt think they did anything to hurt u and they NEVER told u to die be nice or go to *** ppl r getting tired of ppl like u its real dumb big deal u dnt like them that dnt mean u have to swear and tell them to die cnt u just stop with this kinid of stuff! they have good music to fan but bad music to u that does not mean its really bad ur just being stuborn. i mean y did u even make this web?1 theres no piont there has always been something fan say and i say this all the time “one a fan ALWAYS a fan”! so give it up there’s noi piont for this ur only going to get some haters on here the rest will be angry fan and parents like me…only im a fan not a parent but ur not going to get fan to change there mind there not going to go on ur side there only going to go agenst u so watev 😛

    • lordspoony Says:

      @jonasluver4ever(omg): Well,, (clever girl?) the Jonas Brothers have done plenty to hurt me. They are in my space, in my face, in the stores I go to. They are on the radio, they are on the news, they come to the local mall and have little girls scream and cheer. They are annoying, and them being popular wouldn’t be bad at all if they actually had any talent; so they bother me.

      I’m perfectly entitled to make one, two, three, any number of “web?1″s I like, and you are perfectly entitled to post angry comments on them. I welcome them; they allow me to flex my fingers.

      I can admit I don’t like the Jonas Brothers. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t like them because I don’t like them. You shouldn’t like them BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT GOOD. Often we have this deception that if we like something, it’s good. But I know that’s a fallacy: I don’t try to tell people to like the kind of music I like–I don’t try to tell people to wear the clothes I want to see people wear. But I DO tell them to FIND SOMETHING BETTER. To show me something good, and I can respect it if it’s good. I can like it if it’s great.

      Also: I don’t swear. I only critique.

      See, this website isn’t for you, and I wish you’d stop being so self-centered to realize that the whole world isn’t about you; most of the time, the whole world doesn’t care about you. This website is about me. It’s about a lot of people who are upset at seeing kids obsessed with stupid, meaningless, emotionless fluff. It’s about wanting something better for my kids when I decide to have them.

      I don’t care about you, really. But neither do they. You’re just a dollar bill to them. But I do care about the kids. I do care about my kids. I care when I see them playing crappy Nintendo DS games and when I see their parents digging in the bargain bins at Wal-Mart for “just any cheap old game”. I want them to have quality, so they can grow up refined, better people. I want them to have intellect and taste.

      If the whole world wants to fight me and say the Jonas Brothers are great, then fine. I’ll take them all on. This is that important to me. But this website is proof that people out there are with me, and I’m not the only one who sees the truth.

      • Kimberly Says:

        Darn. You sure seem prepared to take over the world. Well guess what? I love Disney. I went through the Pokemon faze. I still like video games. Get off your lazy booty and go to church and pray for better days instead of making insults.

      • lordspoony Says:

        @Kimberly: Wait. Wait. You think liking video games and playing Pokemon makes you some kind of authority? On what?
        What does this mean? Pokemon and video games are not an invention of Disney. What are you talking about?

        Are you trying to imply video games are things for children? No, they’re not. There are a great deal of games that are designed with children in mind, yes. But this doesn’t mean playing video games somehow qualifies you as an immature person, or someone who is still interested in childish things. I still play video games. Lady, I’m a game designer. I would know.

        I have nothing against stuff for kids. Some stuff for kids is great. Dora the Explorer, as irritating as she is, is a great learning tool for kids to learn a new language. If only she taught kids something useful like Latin or French or Chinese, she’d be totally awesome.

        The problem is when stuff for kids is bad. You clearly don’t understand what I’m talking about or where I’m coming from. Not only that, but you accuse me of “making insults”, which is about as accurate to what I’m doing as telling me I’m “baking cookies.” I’m not trying to take over the world–I’m trying to save it. From garbage.

        I not only went through the Pokemon phase– the new one is in my Nintendo DS right now, on pause. I’m very conscious of merchandise and television shows and websites that are sold to children as passive or interactive media for their education and enjoyment. Disney Channel, however, is neither educational or enjoyable anymore. It’s trash. Their quality has dropped to the bottom of the barrel. They only care about making a buck with their short-run trends. LOOK AT THE CASE HISTORY, LADY. LIZZIE MCGUIRE, HANNAH MONTANA, THE JONAS BROTHERS. QUICK, DISPOSABLE POLYETHYLENE PROFIT. IT’S ONLY GOING TO KEEP GOING UNLESS SOMEONE STOPS IT.

        And how am I lazy? What do you know about me? How could you possibly make that judgment based on what you know about me? Maybe you should get off your freaking lazy knees and do something to protect your children instead of expect God to fix your problems. Pray to God to give you the means and the strength with which to fight and endure. That’s what I’ve been doing. God’s not going to come save anyone’s “lazy booty”. He’s expecting us to do it ourselves, to prove our mettle.

        You people. You don’t understand anything.

      • Kimberly Says:

        You would sure do well in politics. Gee, I don’t know you. All I know is what you write, and it is not very nice. God is the only authority, do you even care? So what if there are a few bad eggs flying around, that is just secular stuff. Why are you so worked up over something so secular? Just stop jumping on the defense and calm down. I do admit Spongebob is questionable, and the people who created crap such as South Park and Disaster Movie should be sued. Hannah Montana is cool. Jonas Brothers are decent enough. I don’t have kids yet but guess what? I will let them watch Disney and play video games. I just have to approve it first. Walt Disney was a creative genius in my opinion. Now…..Golden Compass is a whole different story…..

      • lordspoony Says:

        @Kimberly: Yes, you don’t know me. So you can’t possibly know whether or not I go to Church or whether I pray and have no place in telling me how I should behave. After all, I didn’t demand you come visit my site, did I?

        Regardless of who has authority in the matter, God’s not going to come down and bring his hammer on the Disney Channel. So I’M going to have to. Because what the children watch, secular OR nonsecular, will affect them; and the garbage Disney Channel has been spewing out is petty, lousy, unintelligent, uncreative, cliche, frivolous and uneducative. I refuse to allow this to be the STANDARD. I refuse to allow this to be POPULAR CHOICE. The world deserves better.

        I’m not actually that riled up–I use capitals because italics don’t work on this webpage, and I want to stress certain words and phrases.

        Spongebob is a harmless TV show that, as frivolous as it is, advocates to children the idea of easy, creative fun and the joy of life and imagination. It’s gotten much less creative nowadays, but I think it’s fine.

        South Park is not a show for children. Why would you let your kids watch it? Neither is the Disaster movie. And you can’t sue the creators–there’s nothing they’ve done wrong.

        Hannah Montana is a badly written show with terrible acting and no sense of real conflict. The life lessons learned from this show are useless and two dimensional. People don’t grow watching this show. People don’t get anything off of it except passive entertainment, and Miley Cyrus has grown to become so popular she’s essentially idolized, and is placed on the cover of cheap, kitschy video games, t-shirts, lunchboxes and more. Aren’t you taught to be against idol worship, woman?

        Walt Disney was indeed a genius and a great man.
        But he’s dead.
        The Disney Company of today is not Walt Disney’s vision, madam. It’s a corporate cesspool.

        And what do you know about the Golden Compass, anyway? I bet you didn’t even read it. So how could you possibly know anything about it?

      • @Kimberly: I totally agree that Walt Disney was a creative genieus. And as a musician myself, I respect the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, if you think they’re talented thats your thing, cool. I don’t like Disaster Movie, but all South Park is, is two guys telling it how it is and showing how dumb certain things are. I don’t think kids should watch because it’s for a mature audience. Also, fun fact: Disney and his buddies smoked grass, it’s obvious, the cartoonist also sneak things into the movies.

      • Kimberly Says:

        That is interesting! I know I might have sounded a little fruity on here, but the message startled me at first. I do admit that the company has changed a little, but I still like it alot. Here is another trivia: in the movie The Haunted Mansion, in the grave yard there is a statue of Walt Disney. Disney might have had a thing for Hitler and all that. Maybe Be Prepared ( the Lion King) was a tribute to him. I don’t like Disaster Movie either!!! South Park, well I have not watched it enough to have a full opinion of it.

      • @ Kimberly:
        It’s “Be Prepared” not “Maybe Be Prepared”.
        How can you say that this song was a tribute towards Hitler? Proof, please.
        The only nazithing I’ve ever noticed in Disney, was the one episode were Donald is a Nazi working at a factory. Which was made as a parody, but came out the wrong way were people thought of it as a way of supporting Hitler.
        I’ve watched the episode, and I can’t really say that it is supporting the Nazis in any way as it is more like a laugh about how tremendously stupid that situation was.

        If you have any proof on your earlier post, I would be happy to see it. Because I can’t find anything about Hitler or Nazi-stuff in that song.

  34. Proud_Jonas_Brother_Hater Says:

    You are absolutely right! The Jonas Brothers just make me feel physically sick, there is not one part of them that is talented, musical or just any good to the world at all. They’re just another product of the Disney Channel, which used to be so good a few years ago. But now, stuff like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverley Place, Suite Life of Zac and Cody. High School Musical and of course, the ear splitting, horrible movie that is Camp Rock is shown constantly, which is just disgusting. I am fully in favour of destroying the Jonas Brothers slowly and painfully, they’re taking over the world, one crazed, obviously deaf teenage girl at a time. They need to be stopped!

  35. Isawthelightandithurtmyeyes Says:

    Ok I have to apologise straight away, I struggle with my grammar and spelling so I may make some mistakes.
    I hate the jonas brothers, not hate like ‘oo i hate when my bus is late’ I mean I hate them with every sinnew of my body. They are evil, they are damaging, they are dangerous and they must be stopped. Various reasons for how evil they are. One being that they promote the idea of not actually having talent, its such a horrendous thing. We idolize those that do not deserve to be idolized. Good people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Che and so many more who have done so much to change this world are ignored while the likes of the jonas brothers are loved by llittle kids every where.

    Also its not just the jonas brothers, for instance I live in the u.k and its terryfing. More girls were aware of who Jade Goody(thankfully was), who Barbie is, who Hannah Montanah is than who knew who Emily Pankhurst was. I mean does that not scare the shit out of you.

    But this is my major beef with disney. Disney did make some beautiful wonderful films, but through out its history its been a rather offensive thing. I suppose coming from the mind of a nazi has that effect. How ever while before it was hidden racism and sexism and the like, while damaging it could be compensated with the pure magic of some of the films. Now how ever Disney has no talent, and it has an even more terryfing hidden meaning. The jonas brothers are sexually arousing young girls, the whole no sex thing works on two levels. One it makes it ok for them to be very sexual, but appear ‘innocent’ and make parents think yay good clean for our ickle kiddies. BULLSHIT!. It is not nice clean fun, the whole no sex image is even more sexually attractive. It taps directly into what little girls are force fed every day, marriage and stabiltiy. It goes write into what they are told they want, so they want them more. And on top of that it makes them physically unreachable, im sure most good christians know of the tale of the forbidden fruit. Same principle, your little girls want them even more for not being allowed it, for it being wrong. They get turned on even if they dont know it yet. The jonas brothers are borderline peodophiles using sex to sell a tired old, pathetic product like manufactured pop rock to your kids.
    please wake the fuck up.

    • lordspoony Says:

      @Isawthelight: Thank you. And, to illustrate, everyone, here’s the lyrics from the Jonas Brothers’ current atrocity of a musical hit, Burnin’ Up:

      I’m hot, you’re cold
      You go around like you know
      Who I am, but you don’t
      You’ve got me on my toes

      I’m slippin’ into the lava
      And I’m tryin’ keep from goin’ under
      Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
      ‘Cause I’m burnin’ up, burnin’ up for you baby
      C’mon girl

      Does nobody else realize how sexually titillating this song is supposed to be?

      • Isawthelightandithurtmyeyes Says:

        Well there you go, this a song being marketed at little girls. Id like to ask a little girl what they think the lyrics mean.

      • Kimberly Says:

        I hate this song, too. lol. I like lovebug, but that is it.

  36. Kimberly Says:

    I do agree with you on a certain level. I know Disney is not perfect, but it just makes me upset when people talk bad about stuff I like, even if it is true. The Golden Compass has animals for guardian angels ( which seems Pagan to me). It just seems like that movie/book debates the existance of God, at least to me. I was basing arguments on emotion, which is bad, but at least you seem to know what you are talking about. I said earlier that Spongebob is questionable, I said that because I just don’t like it. It does have some good points, though. I have no place to judge someone I don’t know, but I was upset when I saw this website, at least at first. I don’t like some of the stuff you said, but I have a passive respect for part of your speech, too.

    • lordspoony Says:

      @Kimberly: The Golden Compass (and the His Dark Materials book series as a whole) debates not on the existence of God but the evils the Christian religion has done in the name of God. The author is a strong advocate of agnosticism, which means he believes there’s not enough proof to determine whether or not there is a God, so that theme would show up in his work. The point of it, however, is not to debate the existence of God but to argue against the oppressive command of the Church (particularly the Catholic Church).
      The kids don’t have animal guardian angels; those guardian angels are physical embodiments of their immortal souls. In that particular universe, everyone’s soul has a physical form and can be seen and heard, but it’s taboo to touch them. The movie did a bad job of conveying this.

      I don’t have any problem with Disney as an entity through history. They’ve done a lot of good things. The problem is when they start to lose sight of their original ideals and promote badly conceived ideas designed to appeal quickly at surface value and then have no substance that makes it last.
      There’s a reason there are great movies that survive through the times; it’s because they have substance–they’re good, they apply to many different timeframes, and they can be appreciated for their value, not their popular appeal and immediacy. The Jonas Brothers are talentless, unrelated teenage boys that have been put up on a stage to perform contemporary music that will never outlast their fame. It’s got no subtance; it’s not good.

      Spongebob has no point; there’s nothing to get. That’s why it’s confusing–it’s just silly fun. In the same way Jackass is funny for somewhat immature young adult audiences–it’s pointless entertainment. At least it has a good spirit and it’s appropriate for children–the idolatry of Disney Channel stars like Drake, Hannah, Zack Effron, the Jonas Boys, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan is not.

      I apologize that you were upset, but I can’t apologize for upsetting you: that’s the point of this site, to make people angry to the point where they have to really think about the things they are defending and what good can come of them.

      • Kimberly Says:

        Thank you for saying all of that. I apologize too for jumping to conclusions about you as well. I would probably do something like this website as well if I wanted to get a point across. So at least you have a good idea going. I agree with you on Drake too, but Drake was a nickelodeon star. Nickelodeon has changed as well and I feel similar to you on Nickelodeon, I just was not brave enough to say anything untill now. I did like hilary duff and Lindsay lohan untill I heard about that ad council commercial and that Lindsay was gay. I just feel sorry for them. But yeah, thank you for telling me more about the Golden Compass.

      • Florian Says:

        I was actually trying to reply to Kimberly but since there is no reply button on some posts I had to take your post, sorry dude 😉

    • Florian Says:

      Wait a second, did you just say: ‘untill I heard about that ad council commercial and that Lindsay was gay.’
      Do you, correct me if I’m wrong, say that you dislike people because they are not heterosexual? If this is the case then you are being very narrowminded, lady. I respect the fact that you believe in God, I presume by reading the comments, but I mean being gay does not make you evil or something. I’m a 15 year old Atheïst and I can’t understand what this topic has to do with wether God exists or not, this has to do with The Jonas Brothers.

      And don’t rip on me if I made any grammatical errors, I’m from Belgium 😉

      • lordspoony Says:

        To be perfectly fair:
        I have absolutely nothing against gay people.
        I have something against straight people pretending they’re gay and making a scene about it because they want to be the center of attention.

        So I don’t mind if Lindsey Lohan is actually gay–good for her–but I get the sincere feeling she is not.

      • Kimberly Says:

        Oh, and I still like them a bit, but I don’t hate Lindsay for being gay. It just surprised me at first.

  37. iplayrockbass Says:

    I am currently in an Alt-Rock Grunge little bit of heavy type band know what i mean? Personally i think they are killing my music!! When people ask what kind of music do we play and then we tell them alt-rock and they say oh…like the Jonas brothers it pisses me of to no end. They deserve where they are. No one has ever heard of my freaking band and we have alot more actual talent.

    Point is they should fall down a hole. Planes filled with c-4 should crash into that hole. Then to top it all off a few nukes should be launched into hole.

  38. i absolutley LOATH the Jonas brothers they are a pimple on the butt of the music industry and should be popped. it pains me to know the children of today wont grow up with great songs by Queen, Led Zeppelin,David Bowie,blue Oyster Cult, and such. my niece is 13 and idolizes both Miley cyrus and the Jonas brothers and it makes me sad…. we should all be getting the word out about these big FRAUDS.

  39. YES!!! YOU ARE 100% RIGHT. Disney is trying to play these guys off as rock musicians. They don’t have any talent at all. They are just gonna go off in 5 years and become man whores just like all the other disney stars. This isn’t clean fun. This is disgusting. Disney needs to stop pan handling this FILTH at us and expecting us to buy it. I fear for future generations. Disney is an evil corporation.

    • Kimberly Says:

      Don’t blame the company as a whole right away. When something happens, it is usually just one person. Disney is not evil in my opinion. Now, I have to say that Spongebob is more questionable (I only say this because the first Spongebob movie has a few perverted parts in it, and some parts of certain episodes are a little questionable). But I don’t completely hate Nickelodeon either, just wanted to point Spongebob out. I do like certain shows on Nick, but Ren and Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life is supposed to be questionable as well. But remember, just because one or two people make a mistake, the whole company is not to blame.

  40. Me +(Jbs+Rest of Disney) + Remi 700 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle + 3 rounds (Not including rounds need to take out rest of Disney) * Pi = Dead JB and Disney and one happy Daniel MacLeod!

    • lordspoony Says:

      I do discourage actually killing anyone. Miley Cyrus is currently in my hometown, and despite my overwhelming feelings of hatred and aggression, I do not plan to injure her in any way. That would be too easy–and too illegal. Not to mention probably somewhat immoral. The most honorable kind of uprising is that which occurs by spreading through the populous and convers all viewpoints peacefully to a unified consensus against the thing of evil.

      • Hold on a second. You write your personal feelings of hatred and yet you discourage killing and think its somewhat immoral? I do agree with you more but that sounds almost like a slap in the face.

    • Kimberly Says:

      Why do you feel threatened by Disney? I don’t want to make you mad, but I grew up on Disney and I like it alot.

  41. Kimberly Says:

    Thank you for replying to me Florian. I don’t hate people that are gay. I just don’t like the choice much. I know people are entitled to their own opinions. But I just thought being gay is a sin.

    • Florian Says:

      Not everyone believes in God.

    • lordspoony Says:

      It’s not.
      It’s not anywhere in the Ten Commandments, and Christ never condemned homosexuals.

      • Kimberly Says:

        Really? I have never heard of that?

      • lordspoony Says:

        Maybe you should actually read the Bible?

      • Selena & Demi Rock Says:

        I also think yu should do that too. Everything in this world is evil. Yu just have shut up and do what you have to do. If you dont like Disney you dont. So leave other people alone and let them do whatever they want dude. This world is full of it. Just do what i told yu and read the Bible!!!!

      • lordspoony Says:

        @Selena: Here’s a suggestion; if you think you should leave people alone to do what they want to do, why are you on MY website telling me what I believe and want out of the world is a bad idea?

        Or are you a hypocrite?

        All I want is to help the children break free of false idols. Isn’t that a commandment?

        Or did you not read the Bible?

      • I think she was just letting her feelings go. Remember I left similar comments at first?

      • I totally agree with you. Disney used to be such a good company, and although I still think they have good moview, the channel is not as great anymore. Keep up the good work, maybe someday they’ll open their eyes. Their tv show is terrible by the way; it seems like they’re making fun of themselves, which is odd…..

      • Kimberly Says:

        I think it was a little rude of you to comment on her grammar. But get this: Disney channel recently showed a Jonas Brothers music video called Bounce. Here are 2 lines: Let me see those bodies bounce, wearing these jeans so tight that I make these people bounce. Jonas Brothers are hypocrites…… 😦

      • Kimberly Says:

        Howdy! I haven’t heard from you in awhile and just thought I’d say hello. If you hadn’t seen the last two Sonny wiht a Chances, it was outrageous. Anyway, thank you so much for your time. Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

      • More power to you!! I really shouldn’t take Lordspoony’s opinion personally, but I agree with you.

  42. Kimberly Says:

    I have read the bible.

    • lordspoony Says:

      It surprises me, then, that you seem to be unfamiliar with that Jesus has said versus what he has not said.

      • Kimberly Says:

        I really am sorry for any trouble I caused you. But in the bible, God specifically created Eve for Adam. If you research it, women have one more rib bone than men. In the bible, God took one of Adam’s to put in Eve’s. That is one piece of evidence. One other is that in one part, the bible states that the man will leave home and become one with his wife. I don’t want to discriminate, but that sounds like heterosexual to me. I don’t want to step on anybodies’ toes, and I really am sorry if I made anyone mad or upset. This is possibly the last time I visit, because I feel like I have gotten over my head worrying about this message. I really am sorry.

      • Kimberly Says:

        Lordspoony, if I had offended you before for critizing your critism, then I again apologize. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion. This website is basically a different point of view. I was only upset at first because I thought you were being rude. But now I can understand what you were saying now.

  43. “Give the baby anything the baby wants
    But that’s how them bastards
    Get us up in them caskets”

    – Public Enemy, Crash

    Jonas Brothers (along with every other muscle-free emopop-bland) should be silently destroyed with a 50Picawatt orbital laser like the one used in Akira.

    Talk about lowering entry-level standards to mediocrity.. Such ball-less little tossers make me puke casual black bile strong enough to eat right through their cd and their toxically bland, middle-america friendly image.

    Some say they’re talentless. That’s the least of their problems. The mere fact that they ‘exist’ (albeit virtually) is enough. I heard they wear purity rings – christ, what a mind trip. How niceTM – how smooth, how effortless, how utterly homogenizing & ‘offensively non-offensive.’ Like fascism-lite. You want a frothy decaff latte with that, motherfucker?

    We can only prey that their air conditioned tour bus goes over a cliff and ploughs through a bunch of Linkin Park fans. “Play from your fucking heart!!” as the mighty Bill Hicks said.

    Yet even as we speak, even more countries are being politely carpet-bombed with such perfumed Amerikan vampiric corporate dogshit – so what difference is one more fake-ass metrosexual bunch of smiling plastic assholes going to make? Mind you, by next week they’ll have utterly vanished from the polyethylene-profit radar so who cares..

    I’m off to watch “He’s Just Not That Into You, Bitch” (Chainsaw Edition)

    Still angry, still repoman intense & telling it like it is
    Henry Swanson

    ps. Anyone interested in the very definition of ‘the heavy real’ – 0. Shave off that stupid designer haircut. 1. Get yourself a copy of the compilation “Audio Airstrike Consultants” by Rollins Band. 2. Put on two tracks: first “Turned Inside Out” (Hard Volume) & then “Gun In Mouth Blues” (Live 1987 / 1988). 3. Turn ’em up to 11, stand the fuck back – and feel the Raw Oversoul Power.

    I swear, it’s like.. witnessing two planets smashing together in slow motion at ground level. Awesome. (Too much Radiohead makes you weak.)

    • lordspoony Says:

      @Henry: Dude, I’ve listened to so much Radiohead I’ve pretty much transcended that rule.

      And thank you for laying it out raw.

      • Anybody can submit stuff so its probably just useless trivia. I personally think what I said about the Lion King is just fabrication. I never thought about this stuff untill I found out the controversy over Stairway to Heaven earlier this year. To tell you the truth, I think all of this is crap, but I like having something to talk about.

  44. Greg Probeowner Says:

    Well I watched one of the Jonas episodes. It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it would be. It was extremely cliche, and very corny. The show is about them acting about them selves? The acting is mediocre, the plot is mediocre, the script is mediocre, as you may have guessed the whole show is mediocre. Despite all this I would not mind my children watching it though I would rather have them watching Discovery. I my self laughing once or twice and it was cute but, I find the fact that the Jonas Brothers are being blamed for this wrong. Its the Disney channel that should be the one blamed.

    • lordspoony Says:

      @Greg: While Disney is responsible for the compilation, the Jonas Brothers should be held responsible for the part they themselves play in this wretched machine. I don’t want my kids watching useless fluff. That’s how this mindless, useless society of today began; sit down and watch television–don’t bother thinking about anything worthwhile.

  45. Ziggyette Says:

    I agree with this 5000 %… if walt disney was alive to see what had become of his once awesome company his heart would shatter into a million tiny pieces! 😥
    I’m a teenager, and i loath the JB’s more than i can put into words. However, i do wonder what it must be like to be them, and i can manage to feel a bit sorry for them.. i mean, one day theyre going to realise that they are actually talentless and pointless. When disney decides the boys are no longer needed, or when the brothers get too old or too ugly, or do something wrong, then their whole lives will be ruined. It’s not just tweens who have been exploited- the actual ‘jonas brothers’ have too- dinsey doesnt give a monkeys about their welfare, their development, their personalities, they only care about how much money they are getting out of them. But when their is no more juice to be squeezed out of the orange, they’ll just throw it away and the jonas brothers will have nothing, and realise their whole life has been a con. it’s quite sad really… I’d hate to be in their position.

  46. i hate the jonas brothers. theyre mindless disney puppets who lack personality, theyve been enticed by money and have completely sold out. how dare they call what they play rock. theyve nothing in common with greats like deep purple and led zeppelin.

  47. Random-guy Says:

    On forehand I will excuse for typo’s, misssssssspellings and so on, it’s late in the evening and I’m a tired norwegian boy/man/male whatever.
    I will also apologize if someone gets offended in anyways by reading this. This is just my opinion.

    This site, this thread. I’m amused. I’ve read everything and I understand/agree with everyone, sort of (with that I mean; EXCEPT the JB-lovers) .
    From my point of view, Jonas Brothers aint the main worry. JB is just a small part of a giant moneysucking corporation, which goes by the name “Disney”.
    It’s so sad that Disney is where they are today, at the top of the massproducing trash-mountain.

    I can still remember how exited I was when I went on the local cinema to watch Hercules. I remember I sat aside with my mother who lifted her hands up in front of my eyes whenever I was not supposed to watch. (I was young) Still I did, and I can still remember the epic battle between Hercules and the hydra.
    I think I have EVERY good Disneyclassic Video. But unfortunately no VHS-player. The old Disney Classics are fantastic, you can’t say anything else. With the music, the animations, the story, the plot.. (I could’ve made a long list, but then again – it’s late) .. and everything that makes these movies so epic.
    I almost feel like I’m old when I say this, still I’m only 17. Anyways, I miss the old days, sortof.. That sounded odd.
    Where music were music and movies were movies. And Disney was good old Disney.

    The music that Disney made with or without help from artists earlier has become lovesongs, classics and songs I still sing / listen to.
    I have grown up with music. And I can proudly say that I’m not a part of the mainstream pop-world. I’ve played the piano since I was 5 and I have sung 4 years.
    I dont know why I’m writing that at all, but atleast I know something about music. And the Hannah Montanah-crap or the Jonas Brothers-shit is NOT music. The funny thing with it, is that the songs get so stuck in your head. And even though you’ve only heard 1/4 of the song, you know the rest – The rest of the melody and lyrics. Because it’s just a freaking loop! Its like having a English-teacher saying; “Repeat after me: Charlie has a dog, Charlie has a dog.” over the radio, 24/7.

    Lordspoony, I’m glad you’ve made this site. Hopefully it will open many eyes and wake people up from what I prefer to call a nightmare. And let’s cross our fingers that Disney gets back on track.

    Still everyone has their own opinion, but nowadays it seems like 60% of the worlds inhabitants has their opinion directed by the media, by friends ,by stars and idols or the popular girls/boys that you look up to.

    I hope I did not offend anyone in any way, if anyone is going to whine over others posts I would like to remind you of the freedom of speech.
    (I hope my post is readable.)
    Thanks and good night.

  48. I love whoever wrote this article.

    The little girls, even some adults, fail to see that Disney music is fake manufactured garbage. I read an article on Rolling Stone a while ago that claimed that the Jonas Brothers were discussing the jump from teen pop to actual rock. Are you kidding me? Playing the guitar on a basic level and calling it rock is ridiculous.

    They’re just another teen fad that will fade into the background soon enough.

    • Kimberly Says:

      You do state a valid point. But don’t forget the Jobros did not have a Disney contract at first.

    • you’re right. what i hate the most is when people compare the jonas brothers to the beatles

      • Technically, it’s Miley Cyrus that was compared to the Beatles, but I understand your frustration. While I do partially enjoy the Jonas Brothers, the Beatles is a legendary band, while the Jonas Brothers are probably just a fad. So there’s not much of a competition.

  49. I would first like to say that I am glad we don’t just have a bunch of people on here, “Fuck the Jonas Brothers.” or, ” Disney sucks dick.” and stuff like that. But, I have to agree with just about everyone on this page, except for “jessee”.
    Walt Disney was a brilliant man, from the original Mickey Mouse, America was forever changed. Now, 80 years later, we have this shit on TV that sells itself to little girls, it’s almost more disgraceful than selling dildos to 4-year olds.
    If I was a parent, I would allow Aqua Teen Hunger Force before this. Here’s why:


    Time to do some fucking ranting!!!! We got this girl Kaycie Hill in my class. She is obsessed with HSM and The Jonas Brothers. She’s got the shoes, the messenger bags, shirts, CD, and a lot more.
    Well, to make a long story short, I walked into class and she was trying to explain to my Math teacher the phenomenon that is the Jonas Brothers. At one point, I heard her say, “You don’t know who Nick Jonas is?!” I had to step in. I said, “I don;t know about you, Kaycie. Do you know who Bon Scott is?”
    “How about Neil Young?”
    “Why, should I?”

    It just amazes me when this is our current class president. And that’s not a lie. I don’t remember who said it, but with Corporate Marxism and trash music, I have practically boycotted Radio and TV.
    Does this country even have a future? If it keeps going down this path, then I am definitely moving to Ukraine.

    Peace, Nimble

  50. I used to like disney channel. i remember watching Even Stevens when i was little but disney has totally changed. the movies they had on disney had some meaning like Tru Confessions and The Color of Friendship but now they are just crap that mean nothing. who gives a crap about the drama of having a double life (hannah montana) and there is no high school remotely like high school musical. the worst part is that now there is no escape. pretty much no matter what channel you watch and even on the radio, you hear the commercials and see the previews for the disney channel shows. i am not going to lie, when the jonas brothers were on columbia records i didn’t really like their music but i liked the whole idea behind them. they were three brothers who played music. they wore t-shirts, jeans and sneakers but disney has totally and completely changed that. there music isn’t good, they dress better than most girls i know and they are so annoying because it seems like they are everywhere which is the same with miley cyrus. they just keep getting bigger and bigger. i can’t wait till someone comes and knocks them down.

  51. A-Fucking-Men.
    Death to the disney channel.

  52. Destoyer59 Says:


  53. Destoyer59 Says:


  54. I know that. I have the Lion King on tape. Since this site is on Disney, I wanted to point out that I’ve read that that whole song sequence is an easter egg about Hilter. It’s the part where Scar is on the ledge while the hyenas march in a line.

    • You do realize that “I’ve read” can mean anything from “I’ve read in an encyclopedia” to “I’ve read official government documents” to “I read on my friend’s blog”, right? That’s about as reliable a source as my next-door-neighbor’s quote about Obama’s immigration policy.

      • I’m trying to be nice. It’s a very reliable website that I got on. I am just trying to make conversation.

      • @Kimberly
        Clearly you’re not understanding what I’m saying.
        Instead of “a very reliable website” you should cite your sources, and then we can be the judges of whether your website is “very reliable” or not.

      • Oh I understand now. I just forgot.

  55. Johnas Brothers should not exist.

  56. I LOVE HE JONAS BROTHERS!! i am insulted by this and they have never done anything to you have they!! they bring joy to many people!!!


  57. Selena & Demi Rock Says:

    You guys are all just talking shit! Everything in this world is bad for everybody. You juz have to live with it. You know things are wrong but what are yu goin to do? Take them out of your life? Then yu’ll have nothing to do the rest of yur life. Everything has something bad, so for now shut up and stop giving opinios to other people. I f you dont want your kids to watch Disney or whatever you think is wrong (which everything is!) and let other people do whatever they want with their kids.
    I do believe that The Jonas Brothers are not what we really want, and Disney is becoming more “evil” as yu say. But just stop complainig about it and do what yu want to do with yur life and let other people do what they want. I knoe yur not making us believe in yu but the way yu say it i snot what we believe. I love Disney. My little sister also loves it. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato rock. The only thing i dont agree with Disney is about the Hannah Montana show. The character Miley Cyrus tries to be a good girl in the show, but in real life shes so different i think they should take the show Hannah Montana away because theres so many reasons and I just listed one. Jonas bRothers??? Whats your reason??? Everythign else in Disney has somethign bad in it but what are we goin to do about it. I think you should forget about the whole thing and make your own decisions and leave us alone watching are evil shows, and listenig to emo, evil, rock music!!!!!!

  58. Selena & Demi Rock Says:

    Shit shit shit all of this is total shit!!!!

    • lordspoony Says:

      @Selena: I suppose I can’t argue with that kind of logic. “This is total shit?” Well, that’s very hard to prove. I don’t think you really have any valid facts in that.

      “The character Miley Cyrus tries to be a good girl in the show, but in real life shes so different i think they should take the show Hannah Montana away because theres so many reasons and I just listed one.” Really, that’s a reason? It sounds more like an opinion. What do you know about Miley Cyrus? Right, nothing. You don’t know her at all. She’s probably actually just your regular teenage girl who’s having fun because the press is all over her. I don’t blame Miley; I blame the people that put her there and who control her every day. They are the real “Hannah Montana”. In fact, take it from someone who LIVES IN MILEY CYRUS’S HOME TOWN. She doesn’t really do much other than go out to restaurants, sit at home and go to film shoots. She’s actually VERY uninteresting and her show is downright banal – which is why I think it’s absurd that children are idolizing her.

      “Everything in the world is evil?” Now you’re just sounding stupid. I can’t say anything to that, I’m sorry. I don’t speak idiot.

      • This is off the topic, but you sound mature for your age and yet still childish. I’m beginning to understand your point of view on this subject. I just hope you don’t mind that I keep coming back.

  59. Dont worry, in a few years Disney will find a gayer boy band and the jonas brothers will die…

    • Yeah yeah……….. I do mildly like the Jonas Brothers but I’m beginning to think they are using Disney to become famous.

  60. I love jonas brother .
    you are one estupid and one nasi
    disney is the bes and veri nise for one kits o one teen
    I am argentina and no speequen inglesh veri mack
    vallense a la misme mierda putos represores!
    seguro q lo q vos miras es pura porno

    • lordspoony Says:

      Sólo para demostrarle a usted que soy hombre culto y con bastante conocimiento, escribiré mi respuesta en Español.

      Los Hermanos Jonas son basura comercial hecha para que jóvenes – particularmente niñas de ocho a catorce años – los admiren, idolizen y compren su mercancía. No son músicos, no saben cantar, no saben tocar guitarra y ni son hermanos. Son una fabricación completa, grabada y editada a computadora y cubierta en mentiras para la juventud de hoy que no tiene ni un solo valor que ofrecerle al mundo.

      No escriben su música, ni la cantan, ni la tocan. Ni en vivo, ni en sus albums. No lo digo por celos ni por querer lastimar a la gente; lo digo porque alguien tiene que decir la verdad. Son un producto de Disney de hoy en día, hecho sólo para vender.

  61. burn in hell jonas brothers Says:

    damn it i hate those jonas brothers they brainwashed my family and most of my school i dont even watch tv because of them disney is gay UP WITH SOUTH PARK DOWN WITH THE JONES BROTHERS THEY SUCK AND NEED TO GET A LIFE DISNEY NEEDS TO MOVE ON AND FIND SOME GOOD MUSIC OR GET OUT OF OUR LIVES

    • I watched that episode out of curiosity. I was so mad at how they portrayed Mickey. It was like a slap in the face for Walt. I do mildly like them but I guess that’s a good way to show what’s crazy in the world.


  63. u can all *** my ****

  64. you know what? we all know the jonas brothers suck monkey balls. i mean, they’re the WORST.
    but its too easy, man. get a life. if all you can do is sit around and diss the jonas brothers then you need a boyfriend/girlfriend or a hobby or SOMETHING. what i’d really like to see is you deconstruch someone AMAZING, someone who everyone thinks is like… the bomb and figure out a way to trash them.
    if you can, cheers but as for now, please find something better to do with your time.

    • lordspoony Says:


      Oh, wow, dude. You think I spend my time working on this site? I put it up here for people to enjoy and I generally I leave it alone! It doesn’t require any money or time on my part.

      No, man, I have plenty of hobbies and things to do with my life – this is more like a little pick me up when I see people post their opinions, whether agreeing or (foolishly) disagreeing with me.

  65. The JB must be expunged from the univerise. The mere thought of them is simply more than I possibly handle. One look at them and my body goes into a spasm. I thought the Naked Brothers Band was the worst until I saw these geeks. Put them on a space ship and fly them off to the depths of deep, dark space. I pity the aliens that happen to come into contact with these useless swines.


    go on it and become a fan

    add as many people a you can

  67. i feel like disneychannel is a cycle when ur young u idolize the people on it and buy all the bucketloads of the crap in the stores, but when you grow older u juss hate them and realize that they are pretty terrible and untalented. you can keep on hating all you want but in the end disney still wins because there are still gonna be those little kids that juss love all of the people on the channel and there is nothing you can do unfortunately. oh well i guess u all can accept defeat now because disneychannel is going to be around for a while or at least up to 2012 jk jk jk

  68. imanintellegent12yearoldmetalhead Says:

    i am sorry why people must even ponder the fact that the jonas brothers are awful. it’s quite obvious really. they have very little musical and acting skills. they are good intentioned (no not really), but its all wrong. you may say “oh its just a simple phase” or “they’re just having fun” no. its corrupting their young soft minds. i would much rather prefer that if i ever had a child let it watch and listen to REAL music. rock. like maybe bon jovi , motley crue etc. or maybe classical like saileri, mozart, bach,and etc etc.i’m not saying make your child listen to this that blah blah don’t like your child’s music discourage them, i’m just saying don’t expose them to this shit. i know what its like to have a parent love you less because of what i like, and its not point is the jonas brothers need to fucking be destroyed ya’naw.

  69. im so sick of hating on disney. if u dont like disney then you are obviously too old to be watching it in the first place. i know the music isnt original and doesnt even sound that great but i mean seriously the little children love it and that is all that matters. the little kids are the ones who mainly watch it. plus you dont hav to watch it i mean there are so many other “big kid” shows you could be watching. also disney is not that bad because basically what they are doing is seeing what is popular and using it to their advantage because as we all know kids always like to be cool and do what the older people are doing. i guess the only bad thing is that some of the people that work for disney arent the best role models but other than that its all good.

    • lordspoony Says:


      I don’t think you understand what my problem is.
      My problem is that Disney used to be *awesome*, and about kids doing cool things and TV shows that were intelligent and fun and interesting.

      Now it is about cheap production values, child actors with no talent and encouraging everyone to follow idiotic Disney mantra while buying their crappy toys.

      As an example, I never once in my life purchased a Disney Channel toy. I never needed to. There was no point to it, because watching Disney Channel was all the fun you really needed. Now there is High School Musical EVERYTHING, and they are making horrible low budget movies about NO intelligible thematic concepts whatsoever. It is like the Twilight movies for children.

      Perhaps you need to really reevaluate what you want your kids to be doing in their spare time. I’d rather they be improving skills, becoming clever, learning and using their imagination. The shows Disney Channel has been airing recently do none of those things whatsoever.

  70. Thank you. For some years now, and it has been getting steadily worse, teeny-pop-crap “culture” has been shoved down everyone’s throats.

    In yon olden days, Disney made imaginative movies and cartoon shorts. The Mickey Mouse Club started as a wholesome way for kids to learn things about life and the world. Nickelodeon was filled with imagination and amusement for children and classic TV sitcoms at night for the adults. There has always been pop music lead by corporate song writers, but it used to seem as though there were some sort of sweet meaning to it.

    Now, though… “Be young, be hot, be willing to stick your face up an executive’s butt..” That is the message being sent to the young. As well as that, I think that the South Park episode, “The Ring,” hit the nail on the head. Sell sex to little girls while telling them its bad. Corporate indoctrination is the way of the U.S. Sell it to our kids… Sell it to our government… Sell it to any idiot that we can catch on the hook… and if we can’t catch them, lets write some laws and force them.

    Follow pop culture, follow the “justice” system, and follow the corporate and political flows… its all pointing towards a very unfavorable future…

  71. I like pie

  72. I hate the Jonas Brothers along with Miley Cyrus.Any band or singer that caters only to fangirls are guaranteed to suck.These kids belong to Disney and I don’t consider them to be part of the music industry.Real musicians don’t advertise for fame and money.It just show that Disney has now become nothing more than a money hungry greedy corporation.These kids use auto tune and they serve only to entertain and they don’t care about music.

  73. my voice sucks on karaoke that is why i am taking sining lessons now from professionals “,


  75. STUPID. This blog is a jerk. The Jonas Brothers are most rocking band on earth. And you whoever has written this blog is the most jerk on earth live or dead. How dare you tell this stupid sayings about THE JONAS BROTHERS? May the jonas brothers look younger than they tell but always remember that Disney channel has diverted thousands of fans toward it only and only because of tHE JONAS BROTHERS. Im giving the example of myself. I never saw all that bogus things before the JONAS came. And from then disney channel has become my favorite channel. I CAN TELL FOR SURE THAT JONAS BROTHERS ARE BETTER THAN MILEY, HANNAH, TAYLOR SWIFT, DEMI LOVATO, SWITCHFOOT, BACK STREET BOYS AND SO ON.So stop jerking and say that EAST OR WEST JONAS BROTHERS IS THE BESTEST BEST.

  76. –` that seems to be a great topic, i really love it *-‘

  77. GangstaGurl_Jess Says:

    they are gay-looking sissies that teach young girls what a real man should not be like.

    • lordspoony Says:

      Hey, I find insult to that. I’m gay. The Jonas Brothers are not cool enough to be gay. They’re just idiots.

  78. Lindsey Bullock Says:

    NO THEY ARE HOT! i love them they have great voices. talent and a good sense of humor. I love them they LOVE THEIR FANS!!!!! My best friend and i love them to death.

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