The Jonas Brothers Must Die, Take Two

I think this website has gotten a bit more out of hand than it was originally intended to be. While I do hate High School Musical, the Jonas Brothers and Disney Channel as a whole, I do not really wish horrible things on them (I do, however, admit I want to beat the living daylights out of whoever conceived of the idea of “High School Musical” or “Camp Rock”).

I wrote this initial post as satire: an extremist exclamation against the dredge that is contemporary Disney programming made in mockery of the situation at hand. The point of my argument this whole time has been that in order to make Disney fall or change for the better, we must recognize it for its flaws and ridicule it as much as possible.

From some of the replies this site has been getting (without the need to put it on a search engine or pass it around!) I realize people have concurred with my message, even if some of the replies have been a bit more visceral than others. For those of you who have disagreed with my message, maybe you should read what’s transpired on this site and re-evaluate your position.

The Jonas Brothers are not quality. They’re another fabrication made to sell by the same Disney Channel that has been trying to pass off talentless actors as singers and designers. Comparing Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana of today to Urkel from Family Matters of the past is quite a disappointment. We shouldn’t have to accept this garbage, and our children deserve better quality programming for what we pay in action figures, T-Shirts with logos, lunchboxes, video game renditions, music albums, themed cellphones and movie tickets. They deserve better than trash.

And from a company that is completely capable of producing quality work, demonstrated in recent movies such as Bolt, I expect better.


10 Responses to “The Jonas Brothers Must Die, Take Two”

  1. I believe that the music the Jonas Brothers are making is widely popular(i mean seriously they are going on a world tour) but terribly annoying. It all sounds the same with no diversity. Also the music they produce is very catchy which means that people constantly sing their songs. The music they make is loud and very similar to each other. I mean seriously the DisneyChannel is trying so hard to promote people like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez,etc. that they don’t realize that there are young undiscovered prodigies that belong in the music world.

    P.S. The only disney star I really like is Demi Lavato even though she has the biggest and strangest smile
    P.S.S. I also don’t wish anything bad to happen to the Jonas Brothers because even though I don’t like them thousands of others are obsessed with them and if you remember what happened when John Legend died a bunch of people commited sucide.

  2. I agree that what you said was pretty drastic but i mean freedom of speech and i guess the jonas brothers aren’t that bad because they could be worse even though they are pretty old to make tween music but you shouldn’t wish anything bad about them

  3. Look we need to create a group of people willing to bombard the fan site on a certain date. It’s filled with 12 year old girls with hopes and dreams of kissing the brothers on the lips (Ohhhh ewwww not the lips)

    If you want to give a blow to the fans then lets do this, contact at

    • lordspoony Says:

      Unfortunately all that will do is categorize us as terrorists or griefers and make people think ill of us; it will not help our cause in the least.

  4. I completely concur with everything said or suggested by the writer of this blog.
    We KNOW Disney can give us quality – shown by older movies such as Sleeping Beauty, or Hunchback of Notre Dame, and newer movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean! Of course they are capable of quality – they just care about taking our money in this already terrible economy, and growing a generation of children with no taste.
    Thank you for your time.

  5. Well let me just get my own opinions on this subject, which are no different than those of the author of this magnificant marvel of a writing piece. The Jonas Brothers as mentioned by many may have some talent (in terms of their vocal skills) but definitely DO NOT have talent in the entire international music community, they are too overrated and over-praised by the majority of the dumb or un-perspicacious teenager community of our generation (mostly girls). WHY!? WHY MUST THESE 3 GOD DAMN TEENAGE BOYS GET ALL THE ATTENTION!? What about other long-time achieved musicians and performers who needless to say actually HAVE talent, who have worked incredibly hard over the years to achieve their social and famous status (notable examples such as MJ, Madonna, etc.). We shouldn’t be looking too much into newcomers that have but 2-3 years only of experience, and simply throw away all the classical artists. WHY!? Fuck Miley Cyrus! Fuck Zac Effron! Fuck all 3 Jonas Brothers! And sadly fuck the Disney Channel! Using talentless hot teens to allure other teens into paying a lifetime of money just to watch them hop around and “sing” on stage. What a fucking depressing decade we live in, I wouldn’t mind moving onto the Backstreet Boys once more (if that get’s me out of this).

    • I completely agree with you. I mean the popularity of the Jonas Brothers is ridiculous. They are not even the people playing most of their music.. its their back up band. They have some real talent. I mean with the tight clothes and boots they always wear any normal person could mistaken them for fags. I mean Joe is their fucking tamborine player. They are talentless but Disney channel will promote talentless teens with pretty faces any day to keep on making money. I mean they are just getting worse. If you didn’t see, Miley Cyrus got on a fucking pole and started shaking her shrimpy ass at the teen choice awards. I only feel sorry for her fans which happen to mostly be little girls who will eventually try to copy her dance moves. Sometimes I can’t believe how untalented the people are on television but you know what there is really nothing we can do at this point because they are to fucking famous!

  6. pop h8ter Says:

    ok i liked disny for 3 monthes until JONAS came out than their fan age levle just droped down to 7 & younger.
    I sersly h8t miley cyrus she shes a little b**** who has an ugly crackly voise and if i ever met her i wouldkick her lil a** and yell @ her
    yes i h8t disney too.

  7. ok i liked disny for 3 monthes until JONAS came out than their fan age levle just droped down to 7 & younger.
    I sersly h8t miley cyrus she shes a little b**** who has an ugly crackly voise and if i ever met her i wouldkick her lil a** and yell @ her
    yes i h8t disney too.

  8. adam taylor Says:

    they are killing real music kids are listening to there shite rather than good fucking music that actually souinds good and deserves to live on rather than die to the hands of three gay boy brothers who are not liked because of there music just simply because of there faces its not right they should be killed live on disney just so we can all watch and celebrate the death of the jonas brothers,justin bieber,high school musical cast 😀

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