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The Jonas Brothers Must Die, Take Two

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2009 by lordspoony

I think this website has gotten a bit more out of hand than it was originally intended to be. While I do hate High School Musical, the Jonas Brothers and Disney Channel as a whole, I do not really wish horrible things on them (I do, however, admit I want to beat the living daylights out of whoever conceived of the idea of “High School Musical” or “Camp Rock”).

I wrote this initial post as satire: an extremist exclamation against the dredge that is contemporary Disney programming made in mockery of the situation at hand. The point of my argument this whole time has been that in order to make Disney fall or change for the better, we must recognize it for its flaws and ridicule it as much as possible.

From some of the replies this site has been getting (without the need to put it on a search engine or pass it around!) I realize people have concurred with my message, even if some of the replies have been a bit more visceral than others. For those of you who have disagreed with my message, maybe you should read what’s transpired on this site and re-evaluate your position.

The Jonas Brothers are not quality. They’re another fabrication made to sell by the same Disney Channel that has been trying to pass off talentless actors as singers and designers. Comparing Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana of today to Urkel from Family Matters of the past is quite a disappointment. We shouldn’t have to accept this garbage, and our children deserve better quality programming for what we pay in action figures, T-Shirts with logos, lunchboxes, video game renditions, music albums, themed cellphones and movie tickets. They deserve better than trash.

And from a company that is completely capable of producing quality work, demonstrated in recent movies such as Bolt, I expect better.